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A place where all Christians regardless of Denomination can come to find harmony with Jesus at the forefront of their lives

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Devon Christian Youth Camp

Each summer we hold four, week long summer camps for young people aged between 10-17, and a family camp over the August bank holiday weekend.  We have had the privilege of doing this for nearly 70 years. We have an amazing camp site sitting just above Blackpool Sands, near Dartmouth in South Devon.  DCYC camps are all about providing the opportunity for young people and for families to meet together and enjoy spending time together getting to know one another and God in a relaxed environment. During the year we also run a House-party for those aged over 17,  this is held in a residential centre around the south west of the UK.

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Here in Bideford  we like to encourage our youth of today, as they will be our congregations of tomorrow.  We are also pleased to be linked with the locally run School Pastors, Wings South-West and also the well established Devon Christian Youth Camp.

We also have  a Christian run youth club that is run by qualified and DBS cleared youth leaders.  Have no fear!! it has been re-decorated and there are no skeletons lurking in the corners….. Honestly!

Welcome to Wings South-West.  

Wings South West is a Registered Charity and a Company limited by guarantee that was set up in October 2000 to help provide for young people in Bideford and the surrounding area of Northern Devon; an area geographically the same size as London and one of the most deprived rural regions in the UK. Our aim is to give young people a future and a hope.

Wings is a faith based organisation. We recognise that there are times when it is appropriate to share our Christian faith and times when it is not. We therefore operate a parallel lines policy and talk about faith when young people are expecting us to and have chosen to take part. At all other times we do not.

For more information please visit www.wingscharity.com

Young Christians

This is my idea for the new Christians Together logo.  The four arrows coming from the four corners represent God calling the Christian Churches from all four corners of the earth to a central point.  Notice as the arrows unite in the middle the form the cross, symbolising that we unite in Jesus.  The three wavy lines represent the Trinity and also symbolise the River Torridge.  The circle means that although thee four arrows come from  the four corners , they ‘zero in’ on Bideford.  The different coloured arrows also represent the different styles and strands/denominations working together towards the same goal.  I chose blue as the main background colour because it is the most neutral.

Joshua Presley