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A place where all Christians regardless of Denomination can come to find harmony with Jesus at the forefront of their lives

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1  East the Water School

Reading    Luke 22:39-46

Hymn  And can it be

**Start 09.15 hrs**

2  The Bridge [East the Water]

Reading     Luke 22:47-53

Hymn I will sing the wondrous story 

3  St.  Mary’s Church

Reading Luke 22:54-62

Hymn  When I survey the wondrous cross

**At 10.00 hrs**


4  Jubilee Square

Reading Luke 22:63-Luke 23:13

Hymn  Meekness and majesty


5  Baptist Church

Reading Luke 23:13-25

Hymn  You laid aside your majesty


6  Lavington URC

Reading Luke 23:26-43

Hymn  On a hill far away


7  Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Reading Luke 23:44-56

Hymn  There is a green hill far away


8  Quaker Meeting House

[by Honestone Street Car Park entrance]

Reading 1 Corinthians 1:18-25...


After the walk of witness, there will be

an official service, at Bideford Methodist Church

**At 11.15 hrs**

please stay a while and

enjoy a cup of tea and

a Hot Cross Bun.

All are welcome to share in this moment with us.

The Good Friday ‘Walk of Witness’ this year takes on a slightly different route. We will be ending our walk at ‘Bideford Methodist Church’ to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

The time has come for many Christians around the world to take time to reflect on what ‘Christianity’ means.  

Christianity is not just about visiting a place of worship once a week for a few moments with God.  For in the main Christianity is about having a relationship with the living Christ.

Christianity is much more than just blindly following the Lord’s teaching and reading the written Word of God.

Christianity is the realisation that Jesus did in fact give up his life freely so that we, sinners that we are, might be able to receive the gift of eternal life.

Christianity is the living in, and all consuming love of Christ our own brother, given to us by God so that we would and are forgiven our sins.

Christ died on that first ‘Good Friday’ and he rose again after 3 days.

Let us walk through this glorious town this Good Friday and bear ‘Witness’ that Jesus Christ is ‘Alive’ and he did not die on the cross all those centuries ago.  Jesus Christ lives in all of us and in everything living even today.

Lets make ‘Good Friday 2014’, a day to remember the glory of God. The fellowship of man and our love for the one true saviour ‘ The Lord Jesus Christ’

Updated 23rd April 2014

Below are just a few selected photographs of our 2014 Good Friday ‘Walk of Witness’

We were empowered and overwhelmed by the sheer number of Jesus’s followers who joined us on our walk this year.  Our witness started at the East the Water primary school, then continued over the Torridge Long Bridge, towards our final destination of Bideford Methodist Church.  Whilst our numbers were small at the start of our Witness this year we grew in numbers, until there was standing room only at the final service in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ and all that he sacrificed so we no longer have to.

All photographs courtesy of Graham Hobbs Photography Copyright 2014

www.grahamhobbsphotography.co.uk - info@grahamhobbsphotography.co.uk