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Additional ongoing financial support is always needed and welcomed  to assist in  funding rising transport costs.  Please call Joe Buckingham if you are able to assist in any way, or would like further information The Store Homelessness Project  can be located in the old BT Depot on Pitt Lane, Bideford, Devon.   Email us  - store-project@ctbd.org.uk  - UK charity registration number 1112092


is an evangelical outreach project established in  2005, demonstrating God’s love in a practical way.  Providing free furniture, electrical appliances, household goods, bedding etc to the homeless and needy families and individuals throughout Torridge (with clients as far afield as Holsworthy, Barnstaple and even Ilfracombe, regularly. We operate from a warehouse situated in the old BT depot on Pitt Lane, (opposite Myrtle Grove) in Bideford. The  Store is run solely by volunteers and is funded by the Churches in Bideford, individuals and other local organisations.

We dealt with more than 3,000 cases of need during our (busiest) second year of operation.  

We are open every Tuesday from 11 am - 12 pm to receive donations of furniture (in good condition) household goods , working electrical appliances etc.And can be accessed every day *by appointment only* simply by calling Joe on  07815-025239 manned 11 am - 2 pm daily (help-line).


People sleeping rough are often difficult to count for a number of reasons, for example because people bed down at different times, move about, are hidden away in derelict buildings or travel on night buses. The numbers of people who sleep on friends’ floors, and stay in squats and other insecure accommodation are often not known.

In summary, the main sources of published statistics on homelessness are:  Local Authorities counts or estimates of people sleeping rough  Data from local authorities on the number of people who apply to them as homeless  Local authority data on cases of prevention of homelessness  Statistics from homelessness services about the numbers of clients they serve.

There is also a wide range of statistics on other housing matters which relate to homelessness, e.g. mortgage arrears and repossessions.

SOME Current UK Homelessness Statistics

Total numbers of homeless people in England are very difficult to calculate because of the transient nature of the homeless population and because the various forms of homelessness are counted in different, but sometimes overlapping ways.

8 in 10 people say councils should do more to help people experiencing homelessness

Join them by signing up to our new campaign  >>

*** source www.homeless.org.uk/facts ***


There are other people who are homeless who do not usually show up in official figures. These include those who become homeless but find a temporary solution by staying with family members or friends. These are often referred to as ' sofa surfers ' or concealed households. Others live in squats.

There have been attempts to quantify the level of ' hidden homelessness '. The New Policy Institute, in their research for Crisis in 2003, estimated that there are between 310,000 and 380,000 hidden homeless people. This figure includes people in hostels, who are not "hidden".

More information about hidden homelessness is available on the Crisis website.