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A place where all Christians regardless of Denomination can come to find harmony with Jesus at the forefront of their lives

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CTBD retains close links with all the local outreaches.  Volunteers are always welcomed and donations - whatever you can spare - are gratefully received  Please accept our thanks and the gratitude of the many homeless or less well-off people in the district of Bideford.

Below are a few links to some of the other great ministries in the North Devon Area

It is not just the homeless who need to use these invaluable outreaches but young families struggling to put a meal on the table  for their children and the elderly struggling to make ends meet on a day to day basis.  

Christians Together in Bideford and District has strong links to the many Christian run organisations which have been set up to help those in need;  a hand to help feed the hungry, clothing to warm those living on the streets;  a friendly ear to listen when that is all that is needed.

Christian Outreach Organisations.

Northern Devon Foodbank Cornerstone Christian Ministry Harbour Project Bideford Goodliving Christian BookShop The Store Homelessness Project

A safe drop in centre where a hot meal can be obtained .  Somewhere to go for housing advice and counselling for many addictions.  Or just a place to go for company and a chat over a tea or a coffee.

We are humbled at the Christian Outreach provided by these groups. CTBD is dedicated to the promotion of joint Christian harmony regardless of denomination, creed or social status.

CTBD have strong links with the Bideford Street Pastors. Please visit the Pastors own site for further information on the great ministry they provide to the Town of Bideford.  Also for information on the School Pastors  

More recently the Cornerstone Christian Ministry has been set up at the Bideford Baptist Church on a Sunday evening.

Store Project
Goodliving Books

CTBD are also happy to have strong links with our very own ‘Christian Bookshop’ ‘Goodliving Christian Bookshop’  please fell free to visit their own page within the CTBD site for great offers on books and much, much more.

The Devon and Cornwall branch of the Christian Police Association

The Wings Southwest Charity, helping children and young persons from the age of 11 yrs to 25 yrs in the Bideford District

"10-16 Christians meet informally to show friendship and chat to Bideford folk who have little or no Christian links"

North Devon House of Prayer is the local branch of the global ‘Houses of Prayer’ Praying for North Devon and the surrounding areas.

We are also linked with the local charity ‘The Store Homelessness Project’  Providing furniture and household items to those in the most need.